Highrise Add-On for Gravity Forms

Travis McAshan Thursday, May 20th, 2010highrise-add-on-for-gravity-forms

In a Nutshell…

GLIDE has released a FREE Highrise Add-On for Gravity Forms for WordPress. This add-on plays nicely with the default installation of Gravity Forms and functions in the same ways as their previously released add-ons for Freshbooks and Campaign Monitor.

Gravity Forms + Highrise = Happy Sales Team

I have been using the developers license of Gravity Forms on my websites for the last 6 months and I must admit it’s fantastic. In addition, I have been using it for my own website. However, I also happen to be an avid user of all things 37 Signals. We use their intranet product, Backpack, their CRM, Highrise, and of course Basecamp for project management. The one drawback was having to manually enter all the lead conversions from Gravity Forms into Highrise.

Taking the bull by the horns…

After contacting the wonderful folks from Gravity Forms they kindly noted they weren’t planning any involvement with Highrise in the foreseeable future. That’s when I decided to hire a local developer and friend, Nathan Biles, to help me create a workable solution. I also decided that although I paid for the development of this plug-in out of my own pocket I wanted to share the love with everyone. I hope it solves the missing link from Gravity Forms to Highrise for you like it did for me.

Get It Now:

Update (July 27, 2010):

We took things to another level and created a strong validation to make sure that every part of the plugin is validated in backend before beginning. While testing Highrise URL and API Token we’re actually testing functions. By doing this we noticed the importance of having the right protocol and having no trailing slashes. The new version of the plugin includes new validations. We have also tested it over and over and over and everything seems to be running at a good speed. The highest amount of time on click of form submission has been 8 seconds at the maximum. If speed is still an issue please let us know and we’ll continue to investigate. After researching more with Highrise API we have learned that the only people complaining about speed are those using PHP and curl library for PHP.

Update (April 19, 2011):

I recently had a client that wanted to use a fairly complex form with quite a few fields and also file upload functionality. In order to get the data from Gravity Forms into Highrise, I once again had to employ a freelance coder to make the necessary changes. After way too much testing we ironed out most of the issues and now offer an updated version of the plugin. It may or may not work for you. Since it’s a labor of love for myself and my customers and I’m not exactly a coder if you’re having problems with using it you’re a bit on your own unfortunately. However, if there is a major problem with the plugin and you can document exactly what’s breaking things I’d be more than willing to try to get it fixed or you could always take what we’ve done and fix it yourself.

Update (April 25, 2011):

Just a note that while testing the plugin I noticed it mysteriously stopped working. I spent nearly 3 hours testing every possible configuration. It turns out that my account at Highrise had been maxed out for contacts. When adding a new contact on the Highrise system acknowledged this, the plugin sending the information through the API did not. I just say things appear to work normally on the plugin but NO DATA in Highrise. Lesson learned… make sure you have enough contacts remaining on your account.

Update (June 13, 2011)

GREAT NEWS!!! Zack Katz of Katz Web Services, Inc. has offered to take over the development and support of the gravity forms addon for highrise. The plugin has been approved and added to WordPress (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/gravity-forms-highrise/) and he is willing to assist on support requests. This is great news and I’m thankful someone is willing to help with this little endeavor!

Gallery of Screen Shots:

39 responses to “Highrise Add-On for Gravity Forms”

  1. Ted Eull says:

    Travis – great idea. We’ve just started with Gravity and also use Highrise. Would be nice if they could get to their promised add-on soon.

    I tried to install and activate the plugin you have posted but get an error on activate “The plugin does not have a valid header.” Any ideas? We’re using WP 2.9.2.


  2. Ted Eull says:

    Ok, I figured it out. For anyone else trying to use it…

    1. I removed _MACOSX files from the plugin zip, not needed
    2. Extracted gravityformshighrise folder from zip
    3. Did not use “Add New Plugin” via WP admin, instead uploaded via FTP to /plugins directory. So I have /plugins/gravityformshighrise directory now.
    4. After upload via FTP, the plugin shows as inactive in WP Admin. It activated fine and I added my token and URL.

    Also, had to use https:// on my URL (I think our highrise settings may require it) for it to work. That’s it for now, thanks to Travis and Nathan for this useful add-on.

  3. Ted,

    I’m glad you found it useful. If you see any features that would make sense we’ll definitely consider adding them in a future upgrade. Really, I just wanted to share the solution to a frustrating problem.

  4. Eric Hall says:

    Great idea. But, I just installed the plugin in and it activated just fine. But no setting link shows up. Nothing under FORMS?

    I’m using the latest version of Gravity forms?

    Any ideas?

  5. Travis, this is a wonderful plugin and will certainly make life easier! I’ve run into a snag though where a volunteer form that I have has multiple address, email, phone, and name fields. The plugin seems to be sending the last instance of each field to highrise, causing a rather mixed up contact on the highrise end. Any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks!

  6. Matt Eve says:

    Hi Travis – I know gravity forms has Mailchimp integration built into it. My question is with your plugin can I set up gravity forms to submit data to both Mailchimp and Highrise at the same time?

    Be good if it could.



  7. I love this add-on. But it would be really nice if I had the option to create a follow up task when a form was filled out.

  8. Matt,

    At the moment the plugin is only for Highrise. However, since gravity forms has the ability to connect with mailchimp can you use them together?

    – Travis

  9. Any luck on getting the programmer to help?

  10. Scott Hack says:

    Travis and Nathan, THANK YOU! Many thanks for releasing this plugin. I just got it up and going and it has been great! I even am using the notification to admins in Gravity Forms to send myself an email at HighRise to create a task to follow up with the person. I have a few fields on my form that I’d like to sync, or have it create a new case for the person, is any of this possible?

  11. Works for basic forms, but anything complicated it gets all kinds of wonky when storing data into Highrise.

  12. Ralph Burleson says:

    Thanks for the great plugin! I ran into a problem with my “Bank Name” field overwriting the value of my “Name” field.

    I added this bit of code to the script to filer it out:

    if ( strpos($the_label,”bank”) !== false ) {
    $label = ‘staff_comment’;
    In case anyone else is having a similar issue.

    I would like to suggest an enhancement:

    Instead of just using the “label” field to identify data, check to see if the “Admin Label” field is populated. Is it is, then use value of the “Admin Label” instead of the “Label”.

    Thanks again,


  13. Ralph,

    To be honest I think this is a great idea (admin field naming) because i didn’t like the way that worked as well. Glad you were able to edit the code and make it work.

  14. Scott,

    Unfortunately I don’t think we can make the changes but feel free to get brave and hack at the code.

  15. Yeah… both plugins should be able to work nicely with each other.

  16. Jason,

    Long time in getting back… this would be a neat feature but beyond the plugins scope. I’m sure a feature like that (if needed) could be accomplished by a talented coder for pretty darn cheap. Just take what we’ve got and hack away.

  17. Joshua,

    Did you ever figure out a solution on this?

  18. Vladimir says:

    Travis, kudos and gracias for this plugin. I have yet to use it, but have been doing my research and I’m always up for supporting a David-vs-Goliath cause. Question: since 37sigs recently released their new custom fields, does your plugin already accommodate them? Curious to know…before I jump into the sandbox.

    Thanks in advance. -V-

  19. Thanks for the feedback. At the moment we don’t have support for custom fields but I have to be honest that it should be added. I’ll speak with my coder and see how difficult it would be to get that added.

  20. Ben says:

    I have set up mine with Gravity, but it doesn’t seem to be sending the contact to highrise. Is there a video tutorial anywhere to walkthrough the setup? I am also sending to Mailchimp from Gravity and that is working fine


  21. Mark says:

    This is really great! I’m going to give this a try. Question though… Do you need the developer version of Gravity Forms? I currently have the business version.

  22. Have you tried the latest version on the wordpress plugin section?

  23. Phil says:

    Hmm. Having the same problem as Ben above — no contacts are showing up in highrise when i submit on the form. Am using Gravity Forms Version with WordPress 3.2. Any ideas?

  24. Zack Katz says:

    Hi Travis,
    I’ve released version 2.3, which revamps how Highrise integration is set up (now a check box in the Advanced tab of the Form Settings), should solve Stephen’s issues above, as well as improve the file uploading ability.


  25. Linda Lee says:

    I have installed the plugin, activated the api and token, but the form will stay checked for # Enable Highrise integration (?)
    in the advanced area and it is not working.
    What can I do?

  26. Linda Lee says:

    Form will NOT stayed check, sorry about that

  27. Brett says:

    I’ve got this installed, connected with my url and api key – appears validated. I have a form with a first and last name field. No records are being created in highrise…

  28. Ron Davis says:

    very useful tutor for gravity forms users.

  29. Hats of to you man. Installed it, followed instructions, filled in a a test form, all working perfectly. Bloody brilliant.

  30. Javier says:

    Tags are not transferring. And multiple select fields are not being added to notes. They show up in the confirmation email but aren’t getting input in Highrise.

  31. Shannon says:

    I also followed the instructions to include tags (using the hidden field) but they are not showing up in Highrise.


  32. aaajiao says:

    why the notes is not working for me. other info is right when I want to use “message” into notes ,not wkring.

  33. 1st thing – Love this effort and hope you continue developing it. Great job. All works perfectly for me except for the tags in the hidden fields though. Maybe it has something to do with the latest update. I’m on all the latest versions of WP – gravity forms and highrise addon. Hope you have some time to address it (also happy to send a dontation to help in your efforts – fully appreciate how much work is involved in something like this).

  34. dallas says:

    Great concept. Would be very helpful but I can’t get it working. My forms show the checkbox to make it a Highrise form but I never get the Highrise menu option under Forms to set my API information.

    I’m also integrating with Campaign Monitor (on other forms) and all of that works perfectly.

  35. Sean says:

    @Dallas I believe the issue is related to the version of WordPress. My research has shown that GF and Highrise only work together on WP 3.1.4 I found this configuration listed on a forum they claimed does work.

    GF – Version 1.5.3
    Gravity Forms Highrise Add-On – Version 2.4.3
    WP: Version 3.1.4

  36. Dan says:

    Can anyone point me to a link where I can this plug-in?

    Doesn’t seem to be available anymore on WordPress.org.

  37. Asad says:

    can anyone help me plz
    Right now, on My site (which is using Glide theme), Gravity Forms doesn’t save existing forms. By contacting GF, we found that it was a problem related with yes, GF and . I believe it might be a js error but we are not sure


  38. Where has this plug-in gone? – it is no longer on WordPress.org

  39. That’s a good question. I’ve relinquished all burden and responsibility when Zack took over the development and subsequent support of the plugin about a year ago. While I’m not at liberty to give out his personal information perhaps we could direct the questions to his site as he even mentioned being able to handle support calls/questions. His profile on WordPress is http://profiles.wordpress.org/katzwebdesign/

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