Fire Corps Project

Their Story

Fire Corps has created resources that help fire departments and community volunteers start, manage, market, expand, and successfully utilize a Fire Corps program in your area. Once you register, you are able to design a program and connect with your state advocate. You can then watch your plan come to life as you build relationships with volunteers, advertise your program and study examples of other successful volunteer programs in the community. Fire Corps also offers a myriad of volunteer opportunities for individuals who desire to help, but may not have the time to run a full program.

How We Helped

Fire Corps had two problems. First, the site they had was outdated and required new information. Second, the functionality was causing problems when they tried to keep it updated. Glide was able to work with them and Joomla to develop a unique design and integrate the data in a way that made it easy to manage online. The new site, more than 1000 pages is a benefit to Fire Corps and their parent company, National Volunteer Fire Council.


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