Teddies For Bettys Project

Their Story

Teddies for Bettys is a women’s lingerie company in Austin, Texas that believes luxury is an everyday experience, not a special occasion. The company inspires women to allow themselves to feel sweet, sexy, and powerful- as all women are! They offer the most recent trends, styles, fit, brands, and quality that help women feel empowered to find their inner-Betty the moment they slip into their intimates.

How We Helped

Ashley Kelsch of Teddies for Bettys is a woman with a purpose. She has drive, talent, and enthusiasm for women’s lingerie. GLIDE partnered with Ashley and Austin-based Teddies for Bettys to deliver a fresh, original, and elegant e-commerce website for her customers. The new site delivered as promised and has helped Teddys for Bettys solidify their brand presence online.