The biggest desire I have in life is to help wherever/however I can through service to others and deep connection. Whether it was working in veterinary clinics, or running around in the U.S. Capitol, I slowly began to recognize the drive I have to connect with others through high-impact causes. As someone who loves finding creative solutions to people’s problems mixed with a little bit of self-motivation and mindset shifts, I found that overtime, I could really do the most good in the digital realm (specifically marketing and content) – because for me, we all desire to be seen, understood, and to be part of something bigger than ourselves. There is something about helping others see their own strengths and how to pull those out and into their business, and I love helping them understand where the story begins, and when or how to tell it in an authentic and creative way.


10 Interesting Facts About Sydnie:

  1. Used to give Capitol Tours in Washington, DC.
  2. Was born in Hawaii – is not Hawaiian, but pulls off the “local” look and avoids tourist traps (heh heh).
  3. Was recited “Green Eggs and Ham” to by Bill Nye the Science Guy.
  4. Loves cottage cheese.
  5. Was the Founder of the Lord of the Rings club back in Elementary school. Character of choice? Legolas. Now? Aragorn.
  6. Would love to start a podcast one day of friend-to-friend conversations surrounding deep topics that people shy away from. Maybe she’s a Scorpio. Maybe it’s Maybeline…
  7. Has a dream to design and create cool BOOTS!
  8. Has an older sister who lives in London, and if the past repeats itself, where sister goes, Sydnie goes…
  9. Went to university to be a veterinarian for endangered species.
  10. Favorite way to move? Sprints, HIIT, and dancing!!!