We Buy Ugly Houses

One of the biggest homebuyers in the country

We Buy Ugly Houses buys houses as-is and makes the process as fast and seamless for clients as possible. For us, this was an exciting project because they came in with a highly recognizable brand with some rather extreme colors and elements.

The most obvious example being their mascot Ug, who looks like an animated clip-art character from the 90s, no offense. Point being, we knew we’d have to go a bit out of our visual comfort zone in order to satisfy the project goals. Aside from looks, though, the website needed to load super fast and convert on the massive traffic it receives.

With that in mind, we completely revamped the conversion flow to hook visitors with an autocomplete address form. After extensive testing, this tactic proved successful at a higher rate than pushing visitors straight into a form. It’s always nice when your instincts are confirmed by data.

Post-launch Results

+57% Traffic +102% Page Views +21% Avg. Visit Time +23% Pages per Visit
Last 30 days / year over year

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