GreenRoad Technologies

Leading provider of fleet management solutions

What We Did:

One of our core values as a company is to create positive change. It’s the value we turn to most when deciding which projects to take on. We ask ourselves, “Is this a business or group of folks who are interested in improving the world we all live in?”

GLIDE helped to take our established brand and breathe new life into it.

– David Rodriguez, Chief Marketing Officer, GreenRoad Technologies

When GreenRoad said that one major benefit of their product was saving lives, we jumped at the chance to work with them on building a new site that could appeal to a broader, more global audience. They challenged us to create something that would better capture the modern ethos of their brand.

Design that commands your attention

The new GreenRoad homepage is modern, elegant, and hypnotic in its subtle hero animation. Our goal was to make visitors feel safe and in capable hands at first glance.

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Our Approach

Cleanliness is a virtue

The GreenRoad product that customers see is clean and intuitive, so naturally, we wanted their website to be representative of the technology they provide.

Post-launch results

Since launching the new site, all signs indicate positive growth and a successful project in relation to our client’s stated goals. GreenRoad’s primary desire was to position themselves for long-term growth, and with traffic increasing a steady clip, they appear to be well on their way.

+21% Organic Traffic +124% Page Views -96% Bounce Rate
Last 30 days / year over year