Quota Path

Helping sales teams hit their marks

Here’s the challenge: build and launch a new website for a startup in 30 days. Accepted. The QuotaPath project was an opportunity for us to see how our process and creativity would hold up under an aggressive timeline. The result: a lean, bold site that we believe captures the essence of QuotaPath’s sales management software. Simple to use, compelling to be on.

To move quickly, we did our first round of designs in grayscale without final imagery. This medium fidelity level allows us to make rapid changes and focus on things like spacing and typography. We believe that what you say on a website is just as important as what you show, and there’s no doubt that QuotaPath’s messaging jumps off the page.

Once the grayscale designs were approved, we added color and took our first pass at establishing a template for how product screenshots would be incorporated. Furthermore, we conceived of and created a custom animated illustration for the homepage hero. The concept is that the sales flow can feel like a maze and QuotaPath shows you the way out. That was a fun exercise.

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All in all, we love working with startups and the speed of this project empowered us to build with a startup mentality. That mindset is something we can use going forward to give all of our projects that extra shot of vitality.

Post-launch Results

+75%Visitors+3%Avg. Visit Time+79%Page Views

They were eager to do the best job they could and were really easy to collaborate with.

– Darby Dupre, Product Operations Manager, Quota Path