Your partner in quality and compliance

The systems and practices that keep our medicine and food safe are complex and laden with data. Luckily, Redica, formerly Govzilla, is here to organize and make sense of that data so that the safety and quality professionals on the front lines are set up for success. In this redesign, we created a site worthy of a startup with Series A funding. 

Champions of Industry

Redica serves a lot of different industries, and we made sure each visitor could quickly find the data pertinent to their industry. Dropdowns and quick links let visitors discover Redica’s value for their specific industry with style and ease. Redica’s plans to add more industries to their offerings in the future meant carefully designing for growth and scalability.

Branching Out

During our redesign, Redica also underwent a rebrand. This meant collaborating with their brand and messaging team in addition to the Redica team. Even though this took a higher level of communication and coordination, it was worth it to get gold such as the bold CTA, “Bring us your challenge,” and the new Redica logo and name, which evoke an “interconnected and supportive system built to foster new growth.” Assets from the Redica team support this messaging, suggesting their willingness to surmount any challenge for their clients while staying grounded in networks and data that inform them.

Continuous Quality

Visitors to the new site are no doubt enjoying the fresh look and revamped UX, especially the new resources section with easy search and filter. We can see this in longer average session lengths in the first month after launch, and we’re excited to watch those improvements continue in the new year!

(Drag or swipe left/right on the images below to see more layouts.) 

Post-launch Results

+81.17%Website Traffic+101.47%Desktop Traffic+26.08%Mobile Traffic