The Veri

Political news curation with a fresh spin

What We Did:

The most intriguing part of this project was how different it was from most of the work we get to do. The Veri gathers interesting political articles from a variety of sources and presents them as Head2Head pairs. They hope this encourages readers to expand their media palettes and consume news from multiple points of view.

On our end, we were asked to come up with a design that felt new and exciting without distracting from the content. The color scheme is rich and the typography uses different styles, sometimes overlapping, to create contrast.

Beyond the static look, we knew a lot of the site experience would come from micro effects and interactions. Most elements have a unique hover state and whole columns on the story pages light up depending on which side you mouse over.

(Drag or swipe left/right on the images below to see more layouts.)


Glide Design’s care and alignment of philosophy stood out to our team. Before beginning the project, the mutual due diligence was impressive and set a positive foundation for the project to come.

– Brandon Chong

Since this was a new endeavor, we also anticipated that the site would shape their future brand. The logo is typography based but the slant of the letter ‘V’ gave us a nice motif to weave in throughout the site.

Head2Head stories are divided by this slant, which is also a subtle allusion to their reason for being. We believe what they’re doing is useful and are glad we were able to help them get off the ground.