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When the Verica team told us they had a new product launching that they needed to create a buzz around, we couldn’t have been more excited. Built by the team who created Prowler, Prowler Pro is a new, managed offering for Prowler Open Source. Because AWS security is complicated, even great free enterprise solutions don’t offer the support that many companies need. With the industry-leading and trusted solution Prowler already paving the way, Prowler Pro was a natural next step to build on the momentum and offer a premium service on AWS Marketplace.

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What we learned
Making a splash

Prowler Pro needed a landing page to bring the new product to market and create credibility. They needed a digital presence that would allow people to find and learn about the product and its features, and ultimately drive users to take the next step by visiting AWS Marketplace to try it out. We rose to the challenge by creating a simple, clean and effective visual identity and professional microsite. By creating the microsite, we helped Prowler Pro establish brand credibility and set the stage to augment this single-page site with a fuller, more robust marketing website down the road.

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