5 Qualities to Look for in a Website Design Company

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Jessica McDaniel
Published May 2019
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Building a new website, or even redesigning an existing one, can be a huge undertaking. Just getting the project off the ground can be a hurdle. That is why it is important to choose a partner who has years of experience in effective online marketing strategies, a boatload of knowledge with technology and a deep passion to deliver a website that is beautiful and functional. These are the top five qualities you should look for in a website design company!

Custom Web Design

There are a lot of web design companies that cut corners in the design process and substitute templates for custom designs. This reduces costs of course, but it also reduces quality. At GLIDE, we’ve invested in talented graphic designers who have the experience and the vision to produce websites that attract attention, engage visitors and put the brand in the spotlight. A custom design has the power to increase conversions, and that’s the whole point right?

Function Behind the Beauty

A beautiful, custom design is a very important element in a new website, but beauty without function does nothing for a business. An easy to navigate site structure helps your visitors find their way to a conversion page. A fast loading page keeps today’s impatient user from getting frustrated and clicking the back button. A site that is responsive to different browsers, devices and screen sizes will ensure that any visitor will see your site in all its intended glory. These are just three things in a long list of functional requirements, but they are all just as important as the design. When hiring a web design company, it is vital that you choose a team that understands the function behind the beauty.

User Anticipation

Every user has a different need and your website should aim to meet all of them. Visual artistry in combination with high-level technical know-how are essential qualities in creating a site that anticipates exactly what your customer wants to know. Your web design team should have the ability to think like the user and put that insight to good use.

On the Back End

Now that we’ve covered the importance of having a team that can build beauty and function, it is time to look at the back end. A poorly coded site can have huge impacts on things like SEO and page speed. An unfriendly CMS can make content management a nightmare. Everything that your user doesn’t see, everything that is happening behind the scenes can help or harm your website’s performance just as much as the front end experience. A web design team that understands all of the intricacies and complexities of building a custom website is a must when hiring a partner company.

The People You Work With Matter, Too.

After saying all of that, the fifth and most important quality to look for in a website design company is a high quality team. You will want to work with people who listen to you, who answer when you have questions or ideas and understand your organization’s core values. People you like and can work with closely for a minimum of 12 weeks. People who are passionate but not pushy. People who have the experience and the skill to take your vision to a reality. The GLIDE team aims to be your partner and we are fully committed to helping you create a website that you love and that converts.

Are you looking for a team to partner with that has all of these qualities? Look no further than our contact page! Tell us how we can help.

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