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Brooke Miceli
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Published Dec 2022
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What did we accomplish this year?

#1 We launched 32 websites in 2022; that’s nearly 1 every other week!

For the record, here are all the delightful user experiences we took live this year:, Austin FC Q2 Stadium, Austin Humane Society, FMTC, Maya Smart, Prowler Pro, Law Office of RaNae Dunham Inghram, Aperiam Bio, Nutrabolt, Easton Park, Prodigy, CancerChoices, Austin Oral Surgery, Allervie Clinical Research, EO Austin, Smile Express, SenSource, Baylor College of Medicine, Kissing Tree, Champion Fiberglass, Arrive Logistics, Circuit of the Americas, Swindled Podcast, Jack Allen’s Kitchen, Proteus Motion, University of Texas The Meadows Center for Prevention of Educational Risk, Allervie, Geoforce, Sellery, CoCollect, Darcoid, Salt Traders Coastal Cuisine, and Place.

#2 We designed 307 custom WordPress layouts and over 707 custom Gutenberg blocks.

If you want to check out some of our favorites, check out our portfolio.

#3 We delivered 3,867 HOURS of support in 1,571 completed tickets via Freshdesk.

That’s right, we don’t focus only on making beautiful and useful things, we also help ensure those beautiful and useful things keep working!

Additionally, we’re incredibly excited to introduce the addition of our new Support Manager for all of our clients in 2023. She’s already a phenomenal addition to our team and we know you’ll see us getting #bettereveryday.

#4 We completed 74,149 Asana tasks.

One of our core values at GLIDE is “Deliver Faithfully”, and it fills our hearts with joy each time we can mark a task “Complete” and watch that playful unicorn fly across the screen.

#5 We won 3 GOLD Design Awards!

We were thrilled with the opportunity to design outside-of-the-box user experiences for these Austin favorites:

#6 We received 4 Agency Hubspot Certifications

  • Growth-Driven Design Agency
  • Growth-Driven Design Individual Certifications
  • HubSpot Sales Software
  • HubSpot Solutions Partner

#7 We officially became a Google Partner for Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)

We’ve recently expanded our Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click services and we’d love to tell you more about it! We have a talented new Senior Digital Marketing Manager and we’ve officially become a Google Partner.

In fact, we spent the year completely rebuilding our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) services from the ground up! A whole new team, new approach using The Blueprint Training, new processes, new tools, and infinitely better results. Seriously — We helped to double the organic traffic for a fiberglass supplier, contributed to six times the engagement with a popular podcast, and doubled the lead generation with for people counting technology for retailers and brick and mortar stores! WOWZA!

#8 GLIDE is proud to continue be a WPEngine Strategic Tier Partner.

As a WPEngine Strategic Tier Partner, we have direct access to testing out new features, VIP support and discounts for our clients. We are proud to be a fellow Austin based company and be the first to know about everything WPE has to offer.

#9 We achieved new design to development horizons with projects using Webflow.

We look forward to refining our approach and expertise in Webflow, but it’s exciting to look to the future for the benefit of our clients!

#10 We completed 5 books in the GLIDE book club.

Our leadership team enjoys leveling up in all areas of our business and one of the best ways to do that is reading together! If you’ve ever been on a call with Travis, you’ll have at least 5 new books to add to your wishlist. There are a few each year that we decide are exactly what we need for our next stage of growth and those end up in book club! This year, we chose:

#11 GLIDE™ is officially trademarked!

We worked for many years to cross all the Is and dot all the Ts in order to achieve trademark status of our beloved G. And now we’re official!

#12 We made The List! Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America.

We are so honored to be listed on Inc. Magazine’s INC. 5000 2022 awards for “Most Successful Companies in America – and What They Reveal About the Future of Business.”

Whether it’s creating beautiful websites for our clients, or switching to a four-day work week, one of our values is to get better every day, and we can’t do that without building meaningful relationships both within our company, and outside of it. This huge honor, and we are so grateful to our team and clients who play a big role in this major WIN!

Improvement and growth does not come without being truly intentional – setting goals and meeting or exceeding them. One way that we achieve our goals is through specialized consulting relationships. In 2022, we successfully completed engagements with Karl Sakas for Agency Growth, Everoot for B-Corp Certification and Sales Driven Agency for the growth our Sales team.

#13 We won 3 Upcity Awards

UpCity helps connect businesses to trusted service providers and features more than 50,000 listed quality providers. Using a data-driven Recommendability Rating to guide ranking and recommendations of the top service providers in each local market and nationally, we are honored to have been selected for the following awards:

  • 2022 National Excellence Winner in the United States 
  • 2022 Local Excellence Winner in Austin, TX 
  • 2022 Best Of Texas

#14 We won 14 Clutch and The Manifest Awards

As a company that strives to be #bettereverday, we take client feedback seriously. Which is one of the reasons we love Clutch is an Independent platform that collects objective client feedback that performs in-depth interviews to rate the quality of every customer interaction. We’re thrilled to have been recognized for the following:

  • Top B2B Companies in Texas (Clutch)
  • Top B2B Companies in Austin (Clutch)
  • Most Reviewed Companies in E-Commerce Dev – Austin (TM)
  • Most Reviewed Companies in Design – Pittsburgh (TM)
  • Most Reviewed Companies in Design – Austin (TM)
  • Most Reviewed Companies in Web Design – Austin (TM)
  • Most Reviewed Companies in Full Service Digital – Austin (TM)
  • Most Reviewed Companies in SEO – Austin (TM)
  • Most Reviewed Companies in Digital Strategy – Austin (TM)
  • Most Reviewed Companies in Inbound Marketing – Austin (TM)
  • Most Reviewed Companies in Web Development – Austin (TM)
  • Most Reviewed Companies in Mobile App Development – Austin (TM)

#15 Travis McAshan, GLIDE CEO, was a guest on the “Professionally Offensive” Podcast with Joseph Cabrera of Cabrera Toro.

On this episode, both Founders talk about ‘uncovering’ your core values and share a bit about how the Core Values of GLIDE influence who we hire, how we work, and how we grow. It’s one of those podcast episodes you can’t help but feel inspired by after!

#16 We participated in and finished a 6-month 4-day work week pilot with companies across the globe. GLIDE was Featured in Forbes and Austin Business Journal for our participation in the 4 Day Work Week Pilot and we’ve made the decision to keep the 4DWW.

This international pilot and monumental change in work-life balance can not be understated or underestimated. We’ve been gearing up for years for this by improving processes, utilizing industry-leading tools, and even writing our own “meeting bible” to keep meetings efficient, meaningful, and productive. We’ve trimmed the fat on every aspect of our business so that we can be leaders in the 4-day work week push for 100% of the productivity, 100% of the pay, in 80% of the time.

Friends, please give a big round of applause for our very own, Melissa De Oña, who used her extra day each week to complete her MBA. The future is bright!

#17 We DOUBLED in size with 9 new GLIDErs. Yes, you read that right…9 new A Players added to the GLIDE collective of subject matter experts.

Ranging from project management to design to development and content, we’ve been working really hard to get the right people in the right seats, and these folks are strapped in and along for the Glide ride! Please join us in welcoming:

  • Jessie (PM)
  • Sydnie (Content)
  • Joe (Sales)
  • Jeff (PM)
  • Dan (Marketing)
  • Adam (Dev)
  • Ese (Support)
  • Dani (PM)
  • Tomas (Design)

Our 2022 growth has also resulted in internal promotions! Brooke Miceli was promoted to Vice President and continues to grow in the role of company “integrator”. Kimberly Yount was promoted to Director of Client Services to lead our talented operations team. Jessica McDaniel was promoted to Content Strategist and became manager to a brand new position for us, content coordinator. Paola Cardenas has continued to transition from Project Management into our newly needed role of People Advocate.

#18 Not one, but TWO separate marketing teams returned as partners with us after moving to new companies and two sister projects

We LOVE when former clients return to us when they move to a new company. Some of our favorite repeat offenders are the crews over at Jack Allen’s Kitchen/ Salt Traders Coastal Cooking, Kissing Tree/Easton Park, Databook, and Prospera. Thank you for trusting us not just once, but twice, and hopefully as your ventures grow – three, four, five… you get our point. We love working with you!

#19 Brooke Miceli, VP at GLIDE, was invited to serve on the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Advisory Council!

The mission of National Breast Cancer Foundation is Helping Women NOW. This resonates with our team deeply and we love helping the organization. Their programs for patient navigation, improving breast cancer screening awareness and access, and providing education and comfort for both patients and their caregivers. Brooke is grateful to be able to contribute to the growth and reach of NBCF and work with their advisory council. (Brooke is also super humble- she’s a total BOSS of a leader, and the way she shows up for her colleagues, clients, family, and friends is inspiring to us all! This was so well deserved!)

#20 GLIDErs #EnjoyTheJourney – We had 2 weddings and 3 new babies!

Jessie and Kimberly both married and enjoyed honeymoon trips, while Marian welcomed his first baby boy in July and Kate welcomed 2 twin boys in December.

GLIDE basically functions as a family unit – when one of our staff members has a win, we all win. A tough situation- then we’re ALL going through it with them. Whatever the big life moments (or small ones!), we’re there together. And for when a little extra TLC is what the doctor orders, that’s where our unlimited PTO comes in, alongside our generous parental leave policy. The extra padding and depressurized timing shows how much we really do value the health of our team. Supported and cared-for staff equals beautifully crafted websites and beautifully crafted websites equals happy clients!

Another way that we tangibly show our love for each other is in our #shoutouts channel in Slack. In 2022, we had 2,009 shoutouts posted which is almost 40 each week. I’m not crying, YOU’RE CRYING!

#21 We completed 4 quarterly wellness initiatives. Wellness is at the core of our ability to do our work in a sustainable and consistent way!

Each quarter, our team members set wellness goals for themselves as a way to stay accountable to their physical and mental health, and these are some major wins and group shares! —->

Each quarter, our team members set wellness goals for themselves as a way to stay accountable to their physical and mental health, and these are some major wins and group shares! —->

  • Our CEO, Travis, recognized what kind of lower-impact physical activity worked best for his week and daily schedule (it’s yoga!)
  • Kimberly’s been trying out different remedies for her migraines + sharing results with the channel
  • Dan started a new weightlifting program called the Wendler 531, as a way to increase your 1 rep max slowly and sustainably.
  • Plenty of workout playlists!

#22 GLIDE gave back 5% of our annual revenue to well-deserving organizations via direct donations, in kind donations and donated services. Plus, team members raised funds and donated goods directly to Ukrainian refugees in Poland + Berlin, and Travis’ family built a casita in Mexico for a family in need of a home.

Just a few of the organizations that we support directly include:

We are grateful for the opportunity to work WITH GREAT PEOPLE FOR GREAT PEOPLE and we’re looking forward to another year of growth in 2023. Happy New Year!

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