The Four P’s of Great Copy

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Writing great content starts with knowing the basics. This article discusses the most important elements to writing great content. It also includes some great links to other ...
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Travis McAshan
Published Jul 2010
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In a nutshell, there are quite a few rules to writing great content but these basics will help you along the way.

Pleasure & Pain:

Good copy creates anticipation for the satisfaction of a desire (pleasure) or the relief from pain. This is your lure for attracting the reader’s interest toward your product or service. Check out these past articles…


Whether it’s an offer or a benefit, your copy always implies a promise to the reader: When you buy this service or respond to this page, you’ll get something of value in return.


No one will simply take you at your word for anything. You make your case by proving it, by submitting evidence, testimonials, statistics, facts, and reasons why you can fulfill the promise you’ve made. Check out these past articles…


The cha-ching moment. Through the influence of your persuasive power (and a bit of luck), the prospect will follow your call to action and become a customer. Check out these past articles…

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