The #1 app for running an auto shop

Even though GLIDE is 20 years old—gasp—we like to think we have the spirit of startup. To stay young (at heart) and sharp, we work with actual startups as often as possible. Mobile Tech RX, one of our recent startup clients, was a fun challenge because they serve an audience that’s not exactly made up of early adopters.

Easier than pen & paper

MTRX created an application for auto reconditioning shops that makes everyday tasks easier and more efficient. Believe it not, many of their customers were still using pen & paper to create estimates and invoices.

But old habits are hard to break, and people rarely change without incentive. Enter the savings calculator we conceived of for the homepage. Answer two questions and find out how much time and money their app will save you.

A GIF is worth a thousand words

Anyone can say their application is easy to use, but we needed the website to show it. You can’t always rely on a visitor to click a demo video so we sprinkled short GIFs of the application in use throughout the design. To compliment the application shots, we use natural-looking photography of auto tech in their natural environment (shoutout to the client and photographer for making that happen).

Never in one place long

Finally, we knew the design had to be modular enough to keep up with the amount of change you’d expect from a fast-moving company. To accomodate frequent updates and additions, we created a toolkit of modular blocks. Once they’re designed and developed, WordPress Gutenberg makes it really simple to create new pages that feel custom yet consistent with the rest of the site. Here’s to growth!

(Drag or swipe left/right on the images below to see more layouts.)

Product Detail

Post-launch Results

+44.57%Website Traffic+13.25%Desktop Traffic+63.25%Mobile Traffic