Rapid database change management

This project sure ramped up fast! Liquibase first hired us to build a launchpad site—where you focus on key pages first—then once that was live, they asked us if we could expand the scope to all pages … for two different sites. Absolutely! Millions of developers use their platform to manage database changes and we’re all about reaching more people.

Prepare for liftoff

The beauty of a launchpad site is that narrowing the scope to key pages allows you to start seeing results sooner. For Liquibase, our initial engagement was all about increasing sign ups for the Pro version of their offering. Immediately, they saw enough value in the launchpad updates that they felt confident greenlighting a full redesign.

Bring on the brand

We love working in tandem with branding agencies because it makes everyone look better. Our design team gets fresh assets to work with and the branding folks get to see their concepts on something new right away. In this case, we built out the primary layouts in medium fidelity, then applied the latest brand elements as they came in. An organic, symbiotic relationship.

It better get results

Sorry to be harsh, but this is GLIDE’s prime directive. We’re all drawn to beautiful things, and will continue to make beautiful websites, but setting goals and tracking results is number one. For Liquibase, the success of the project hinges on helping open source users and new Pro customers get a product that will make their lives easier. So far, so good.

Glide helped our team launch not one, but two sites in record time. From design to redirect details, I so appreciate their deep knowledge of WordPress, hard work, and availability as we got our sites out into the world.

– Erika Kalar, Content Strategist, Liquibase

Crushed it! The Glide team really stepped up to the challenge. Two websites, a bunch of complex backend integrations and an extremely aggressive timeline. These guys delivered everything – on time and on budget. All around great team.

– Ben Geller, VP of Marketing, Liquibase

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Post-launch Results

+21.40%Website Traffic+19.32%Desktop Traffic+41.38%Mobile Traffic