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Set Solutions came to us as an established player in their industry, but nonetheless, ready for a complete refresh of their visual identity. Exactly what we like to hear. We relish the opportunity to start a design project from the brand up, and in this case, that meant conceiving of a new logo.

Anyone ever been on either the receiving or creating end of logo design? Oh boy. It’s like all the subjective decisions that go into any visual project boiled down into something the size of bandaid. That said, nailing it is also one of the most gratifying design achievements a brand artist can tally. For Set, we went back and forth for rounds and rounds before finally landing on vibrant, key-inspired logo style that works as a standalone icon or a full logo with name in tow. Shout out to brand designer on the project Nick Wallace!

Meanwhile, since we were working on the brand in house, we were able to get a jump on the website redesign portion of the project. We took colors cues and symbolism that was fast becoming the foundation of the brand and infused it into a fairly high-concept design. Cyber security in space!

The homepage consists of a series of slides that transition from the vantage point of deep space down to the streets of an ordinary neighborhood on Earth. This top-down POV fits the all-encompassing nature of what their sophisticated technology offers.

Lastly, we get unnaturally excited whenever a project lends itself to a dark background design. Believe me, we love whitespace as much as the next design firm, but there are some things you can only do visually in the absence of light.

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