Time with God

A bite-sized Bible study


Working with Austin Ridge Bible Church was a breath of fresh air. A tightly scoped project like this—one sign-up page for their daily devotional—means we have more time to carefully consider each element. It also means we get to guide the user experience from start to finish.

Extending an olive branch

They say a good custom illustration is worth its weight in pixels—or do they? Mixed metaphors aside, we know the success of any landing page hinges on the visitor’s first impression. For Time With God, we introduce the brand with a naturalistic illustration that also has biblical significance. And if you like what you see, the branch will lead you right to the subscribe field.

At a Glance

What the client says

GLIDE was wonderful to work with! Their creativity and diligence in turning our vision into a reality, and their patience to get things just right, made their services invaluable to us.

Starla Gunter
Communications Ministry Assistant

What we learned

Show don't tell

What’s the best way to describe what to expect from a daily newsletter? You could try to sum it up, which we do, but why not show an example post in the format that most people will experience it. To accomplish this we included a scrollable phone mockup that displays the daily devotional for your browsing pleasure.

It's a journey

A good website is like a good sermon. There’s a hook to get your attention, followed by a series of valuable insights, topped off with an actionable message. By the time a visitor reaches the end of the TWG website, they should have all the info they need to take the next step. We hope you’ll subscribe.

Post launch results

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