GLIDE’s Top 19 in 2019

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Paola Cardenas
Published Dec 2019
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What did we accomplish this year?

#1. We launched 29 websites in 2019, TWENTY NINE. That’s a whole lot of hustle and a whole heap of new delightful experiences!

For the record, here’s all the folks we helped, WCRA Rodeo, Wiideman, Mobile Tech RX, Bodeswell, Chariot, Fifth Dimension Architecture , Antx, Extract the Truth, Arrive Logistics, Executive Press, Fractal Visuals, HEB Foundation, Isima, LCMC HealthGood Time Action Games, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Pre-K for SA, The Recreationalist by Outdoor Voices, RetailMeNot The Real Deal, ShipEngine, TimianTeachworthy, Total Expert, Addus, Cloudsnap, Torchy’s Tacos, Austin Detours, Kissing Tree

#2. AND it took no less than 1,018 custom designs. This means that on average we designed 32 custom designed layouts for desktop and mobile per site launched! Templates are lame, custom design FTW!

If you want to check out some of our favorites, check out our portfolio.

#3. We delivered 2,043 HOURS of support for 143 different clients with an average satisfaction rating of 99% in 2019. That’s right, we don’t just focus on making beautiful and useful things we also help make sure those beautiful and useful things keep working!

2,043 hours is tracked and billed hours through our support platform and doesn’t include fixed cost support sprints or full development projects. Satisfaction rating is from a post support survey sent after each completed support request.

#4. Travis, founder and CEO of GLIDE spoke at WP Engine’s Digital Innovation Summit, sharing the stage with industry thought-leaders driving innovation and digital breakthrough.

Learn more about the WP Engine’s Summit 2019 and and see a transcript of Travis’ talk here.

#5. GLIDE was elevated to “Strategic Partner” with WP Engine’s agency partner program. GLIDE was the first agency with less than 50 employees to achieve this tier in the program. We’re scrappy that way!

#6. G Labs, GLIDE’s secret R&D department to make the world a better place, released Coriosity. A simple and fun way to uncover your core values and share them with the world!

Check out more about G Labs and Coriosity.

#7 & #8. We leveled up a bit moving from #15 to #8 in the Austin Business Journal Top 25 Web Development Companies in Austin. We were also an Upcity City Excellence Award Winner as well. Always good company to be in!

#9, #10 & #11. Our team is growing, Katie and Ajia are here in Austin and Marcin is in Poland. We’re investing in delivering delightful digital experiences!

Learn more about the GLIDE team.

#12. We became a certified agency partner with Hubspot. We believe the only marketing left is content marketing and the only way to do it right is inbound with Hubspot. 

Market with a magnet, NOT a . If you’re interested in learning more about Hubspot, check it out at their website.

#13. We had a few GLIDErs doing Podcasts this year, Press This hosted by the fabulous David Vogelpohl of WP Engine. Travis and Jessica both had a go! We’re so proud.

If you want to check them out, here they are: How uncovering your core values can transform your agency or Team with Travis and Using Gutenberg to Empower Client Content Strategies with Travis & Jessica.

#14. Travis, the boss man, joined Entrepreneur’s Organization or “EO” as they call it. We thought it might be the illuminati but really they just meet for drinks and learn how to be better bosses, at least that’s what he’s told us!

EO isn’t really the illuminati, if you want to check them out, they have a website.

#15. GLIDE launched EOS. What is that you say, just an entire “Entrepreneur Operating System” for your business. The leadership team has themselves a fancy consultant and they are dreaming big!

EOS is pretty fantastic, check it out. If you’re in Austin and you need a great implementor, coach and friend, call James Ashcroft.

#16. We have a BHAG. A “big hairy audacious goal.” A goal so big, you have to swallow after you say it. Here it is, are you ready? ONE BILLION meaningful online interactions tracked and recorded for our clients by 2030. 

This means every form fill, every online donation, every email subscribe that helps our clients advance the agenda of their organization. Time to get to work! If you’ve never heard of a BHAG, check out Jim Collins book Built to Last.

#17. GLIDE hosted the first annual Summit Meet-Up 2019. We flew all the GLIDErs into Austin and met up for two days of good food, team building and room escaping. 

Thank you to Torchy’s Tacos (our client) for the free tacos AND if you’re interested in great team building experiences, we really loved Austin Panic Room. And just a note, we were seconds off from beating the record for faster room solve. Just saying.

#18. We hosted our first two Think Wrong workshops (called Blitz) which went smashingly well. Battling against biology and culture to challenge the status quo and deliver meaningful experiences.

A special thanks to Drew, Jessica and Ajia for their participation and an extra special thanks to Adam Butler of Butler Bros for the advice, feedback and resources! Also, check out Solve Next, the creators of Think Wrong.

#19. Finally, we counted them up. The humble GLIDE team visited 17 different countries in 2019. We love the autonomy to be anywhere, anytime and encourage our folks to travel!

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