5 Reasons to Start a Business Blog

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Having a business blog is an investment in time, energy, and money. However, many times the rewards can far outweigh the costs. This is especially true in specific situations ...
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Travis McAshan
Published Jun 2010
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In a nutshell, having a business blog is an investment in time, energy, and money. However, many times the rewards can far outweigh the costs…

This is especially true in specific situations where having a blog can have a tremendously positive benefit for your company. This article series will focus on why a blog may fit your needs, how to write great blog posts/articles, and how to organize your own blog for both your employees and customers.

Blogging, the easiest way to become an “author.”

The root of “authority” is “author,” and few things give you or your organization as much credibility as being the author of books or articles in your business area. The problem is writing a book can be a huge investment in time you don’t have. The good news is with a website, a blog, a few free hours a month, you are well on your way to being both an author and an expert to your customers. Trust me when I say, “this is a good thing!”

Is it time to get your blog on?

Not that long ago, your probably wouldn’t have thought about taking the time or investment in writing or publishing material about your industry. However, with the advent of blogs, businesses can benefit not only from the search engine “love” but also from the many customer centric benefits of a blog. Having a blog may be right for your business in the following situations:

#1. You’re in an industry from which people expect leadership.

Some industries have the honor (or responsibility) of demonstrating public or social commitments that go beyond the drive for profits. Perhaps your business is involved in the local community or you’re sponsoring a large charity event. When people turn to your business for guidance, a blog can be one way you assert leadership.

#2 You want to assert authority.

Many businesses sell ideas rather than products and services. Examples like business consulting groups, marketing researchers, executive development coaches, and more. A blog is a good way to establish and increase credibility as an authority in your field.

#3. You want to educate prospects.

In our current service economy, you may be obligated to sell items or services that can be fairly complex. In addition, many consumers are turning to google to find their answers. Your goal should be to become the de facto answer expert in your trade. A blog allows you to cast a larger “net” with which to reel in potential customers looking for answers.

#4. You sell expertise.

It’s one thing to ask people to shell out money for a product they can see, touch, and smell. But expertise, whether it’s in custom home building or flower arranging, remains intangible and therefore more difficult to establish in your prospects minds. A blog gives you the platform to “sell” your expertise through quality content about your industry from an editorial point of view.

#5. Your customers expect/require a blog.

As we progress into “Web 2.0” (the read/write web), more and more customers are expecting fresh, relevant, and insightful information from the companies they buy from. If you’re in specific industries like real estate, home building, or any number of services like wedding planning, you’re customers are going to want to see fresh information. A blog is a great way to provide news, events, ideas, tips, in an easy to manage way.

What have we learned?

Overall, having a blog can be a tremendous value to your company and a great resource to your customers. While not all businesses need a blog, many find themselves in situations that are ideal for a blog to impact their bottom line.

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