Black Diamond Structures

Global innovator in the nanomaterial space

We ask ourselves, especially on projects with complex subject matter like this, how do we convey what they do in terms even laypersons like us can understand, but without being reductive. For Black Diamond Structures, we took a two-fold approach:

  1. Embrace the grandiosity of such a revolutionary technology.
  2. Ground claims of world-changing potential in present day applications.

Design with grand ambitions

You see the epic quality on display in everything from the main language to the trippy visuals. The whole site has a retro futurist look that fuels excitement about what’s to come, while, conversely, pairing the abstract later with the tangible now.


The scope of discovery

What does Molecular Rebar Technology change? Everything. It allows batteries to charge faster and last longer, it makes industrial coatings harder, it increases the strength of composites exponentially, and the list goes on.

Powerful and upgradable

The website packs in a lot of advanced functionality into an easy to maneuver package. Pages are divided into sections with a right-hand progress indicator to encourage full-page browsing.

Thanks again to you and the team (and our collective team) for developing and implementing an excellent web site!

– Dru Kefalos, Chief Marketing Officer, Black Diamond Structures

Room to grow

On the back end, we made it easy for the client to upload new products as they become available. All in all, it’s a powerful, highly versatile digital home the compliments the advanced technology it was built to showcase. To the future and beyond!