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Ever been at a bar or restaurant and found yourself pulled into the action sports or cute animal videos on TV? What about that mesmerizing nature footage playing at the laundromat? Chances are you’ve seen Atmosphere’s programming because they are everywhere. We came into the picture as they needed a website partner to help keep up with their explosive growth. Our scope included a site redesign and ongoing CRO efforts.

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The beauty of Atmosphere’s audio-optional product is how it allows business owners to use existing TVs to enhance the mood without taking over. For the site experience, we feature sizzle-reel footage paired with imagery of people engaging with their surroundings and each other. The wide variety of content is on full display as you move through the site.

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Credibility & Conversion

The two most important ‘C’s in web design. Whenever possible, we use metrics and data to establish the reach, the breadth, and value of a service to key personas.’+14% New Visits, ‘23,000 Venues’, things like that. Once a visitor knows the company is credible, we can usher users through an optimized conversion funnel.

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Post-launch Plans

Everything is a guess, until you test it. As part of our post-launch efforts, we’re working with Atmosphere to A/B test key areas of the site. For example, we’ve scrutinized every field on the ‘Sign Up’ page in hopes of finding the right ratio of quality to quantity for form submissions. There are levers we can push and pull throughout the site but we get the most bang for our buck by optimizing every step of the sales flow.