Revolutionary system for RF and Microwave prototyping

What we did
Website for Growth
Digital Support

X-Microwave promotes ingenuity and innovation with its modular chipset platform. The ability to quickly swap components and test the results in their simulator encourages builders to try new things. Once we understood their product, the concept for their new website became clear.

Our site is growing, and it has been well received in the industry, to say the least.
John Richardson
President, X-Microwave
image collage
Informative and easy to browse

Next, you have the informative side of the site. To break it down, we used a combination of graphics, close-up product images, and smartly organized text. Other components of the site include a robust search engine, links to their very cool build simulator, and a content library full of even more in-depth resources.

What We Learned
Analog with attitude

Overall, we describe the the tone as “analog with attitude”. X-Microwave has created a disruptive technology that encourages experimentation and hands-on building. Along those lines, the user sees products over a clean white background; but around the edges and throughout the site, there are circuity graphics blurring the lines. Our clients never cease to inspire.