Top 10 Reasons Clients Choose GLIDE

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Drew Lyon
Published Apr 2016
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1. Conversion

“It’s been a while since we’ve talked, I thought you would be interested to know that the combination of a 1) improving market 2) good SEO and 3) great website have doing pretty well. The number of daily visitors has increased by about 30-40% and they are converting to leads at a rate of 3% – 5% which is really good by any standard.”

– Ted Mueller, Owner & Founder, VA Loan Center

2. Trust

“Thank you! If I don’t say it enough you are the best sir. If you need a written reference just holler. In eight years of doing business you are one of only three vendors that I consider the best of the best and that I trust completely. To put that in perspective I have dealt with well over two hundred vendors in the last eight years. Easily if not more. Pat yourself and your team on the back sir. Thanks again!”

– Steve Welhausen, Chief Junk Officer, Junk Busters USA

3. Dedication

It is always an enjoyable experience to work with people who generally care about your company and want to help your business succeed. Travis and the team at Glide Design do just that. Their extreme dedication really sets them apart from the rest. The website they created for us is elegant and timeless. It goes way beyond what we had imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

– Brandon J Casanova, Project Manager, Colorado Materials, Ltd.

4. Partnership

You are awesome. It has been a real pleasure working with you over the years. Thanks for the solid partnership. I will definitely spread the GLIDE “love” to anyone who asks. Thanks again.”

– Tony Curtis-Wellings, Owner, Faraday’s Kitchen Store

5. Quality

“We provide our customers with a high-quality, value-added cooler. GLIDE does the same thing, but with websites.”

– Roy Seiders, CEO, Yeti Coolers

6. Professionalism

“Your responses have been much appreciated and very timely. Thank you so much for your outstanding professionalism throughout this process. You have taken the time to listen to our customers needs and developed a site that is clean, concise and very easy to navigate. This site has already saved us hours on the phone, and it has only been up for a week. Looks great! Works great…perfect and thank you!”

– John Ring, Owner, V-Sharp by Warthog

7. Enthusiasm

“Travis’ ability to make us feel like we are his most important client is a service that is lost in today’s world. His excitement and enthusiasm is contagious and the reason the Glide family was able to take my vision and turn it into a reality. Exceeding my expectations is not something that happens on a regular basis and I am proud to say that Glide Design was able to and then some!”

– Ben Blackburn, COO, Focus Digital Displays LLC

8. Integrity

“For me, one word sums up Travis: integrity. He’s honest and always does what’s right for the client. I refer friends to him because I know they will be treated right.”

– Derek Budd, Owner, Sol Visual Development

9. Travis (Founder of GLIDE)

“When I started working with Travis at Glide Design, I had a new company and a basic idea of what I wanted for the website. Fortunately, I decided it would be worth it to work with a pro instead of either doing it myself or going with a less expensive online solution. That turned out to be one of the best business decisions I’ve made. If I could point out one single thing that made the difference between our website being a success vs being a flop – that thing would be Travis and Glide Design.”

– Dave Matheny, Owner, Silencer Shop

10. Passion

“It was obvious when I first met Travis that he is passionate and knowledgeable about building websites. I’ve learned by working with him that he is a man of integrity and an expert at customer service. I’ve already worked with Travis on multiple projects and would not hesitate to work with him and his team again in the future.”

– Jill Palmer, Founder & Owner, Growing Interns

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