Three Phases of Launching a New Website

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Travis McAshan
Published Sep 2015
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We can’t be perfect for everyone. Let us know what you want from your website in terms of real-world results and we promise to be upfront about what you should expect from us. With all of our cards on the table, you can decide whether our approach is the right approach for your business. We only promise what we can deliver.

1. Discovery

We save so much time by creating a rock-solid plan and sticking to a tight development schedule. Unexpected items always come up, but having a plan in place keeps us from losing forward momentum. Once we get rolling, we keep building.

During the Discovery Phase we:

  • Establish goals
  • Identify audience
  • Address technical challenges
  • Research competition
  • Set the timeline

This is also the part where we really get to know you and your business. The more we hear you explain what you do and why you do it, the better equipped we are to capture your vision in the design.

2. Build

Time to stop talking and start coding. With a clear roadmap in place, our designers work hard to bring your ideas to life. Piece-by-piece, the project comes together. We get your approval along the way, and soon you have a near-finished, working version of your site to evaluate.

The Build Phase includes:

  • Brand iconography
  • Site navigation
  • Page mock-ups
  • Content integration
  • Performance testing
  • Full-site preview

You’ll have a chance to browse and test the whole site in its finished form before anything goes live. Once you’re happy with where we’re at, we make the final preparations for launch.

3. Launch

You’ve seen the whole site, but somehow it’s not complete until you type the URL and view it in the wild for the first time. It’s also inevitable, at this point, that you’ll want to tweak a few things and incorporate feedback you get from people seeing it for the first time. That’s what we’re here for.

The Launch Phase includes:

  • Site-wide audit
  • Code optimization
  • Browser-compatibility tests
  • Final preview
  • A big red button that says “LAUNCH” (optional)

All in all, this is a very exciting time for your business—but our job isn’t over. We continue to make refinements and perform maintenance as long as you need us to. Finally, we show you how to make basic updates on your own through WordPress, and we hand over the keys. It’s all yours, but don’t hesitate to call.

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