3 Steps to Amp Your Website Content

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Brooke Miceli
Vice President
Published Dec 2011
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If you have 60-120 seconds to catch a visitor’s attention and leave them wanting to know more, here are three tips.

Writing content for a website requires very calculated methods of grabbing others’ attention. People who visit your site are on the fast track to finding out exactly what they need to know in the shortest amount of time as possible. Unless you happen to be Facebook, for which people will waste countless hours scouring information that is less than necessary.

#1. Set quantifiable goals.

Before you begin to create web content, it is important to identify your goals. This not only gives you something to aim for, but it also helps you in determining what steps need to follow. For example, if you set a goal to increase your organic baby food website traffic by 25%, you can either add more product, increase your SEO, find out what page of your site is the most visited and increase its visual appeal, etc. Shape a plan to help you achieve your goal.

#2. Identify and study target audience

You may notice a recurring theme in most articles you read, regarding target audience: we are always encouraged to identify ours and we are always prompted to study it deeper! Find out what your target audience likes, what they are talking about, where they are spending their time and money, what products they are buzzing about, what they are looking for as a solution to a problem and what questions they are seeking answers to. Then go back to your content ideas and update any key messages you may have. Subtly incorporate them into your content without sounding like a car salesman (unless you are a car salesman!). Create trust with your visitors though educating them and giving them what they want- not by using traditional sales strategies.

#3. Determine if it works!

There may be a testing period when you first incorporate your web content. Though, to be honest, you should always be evaluating the effectiveness of your content. By measuring its value, you can determine whether or not your plan needs to be changed, reevaluated, tweaked, etc. Pay attention to the number of hits your overall site receives, and how many hits you receive per page. Track shares, tags, pingbacks, orders and time spent on each page. If something isn’t working, or getting the time or attention you want, change it up. Pay attention to results, and then use them to your advantage.

Doing these three things will help you build connections with your target audience and improve their product loyalty.

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