Good happens
on purpose

♥️ of GLIDE


Help people who help others.


Scale impact for purpose-led organizations through our work.

We are B Corp certified

In the simplest terms, becoming a certified B Corp means your business is a force for good. B Corps are held to high and verifiable standards of social and environmental impact. Learn more.

For us here at GLIDE, this achievement comes after years of hard work and validates our purpose.

We didn’t stop there

1% for the Planet

We’ve been giving back since the beginning but joined 1% for the Planet in 2021. A perfect match.

Climate Neutral

Even digital service companies need to monitor and limit their environmental impact. That’s why we got Climate Neutral certified in 2022.


Data security is a huge priority for us and our clients. Therefore, as of 2023, we took the leap and become SOC 2 certified.

Impact in numbers

10 year target goal percentage of GLIDE clients who are purpose-led
annual commitment of total gross revenue to vetted non-profit partners
Amount of donations and pro bono work given to nonprofits

Charitable partners

Clients we work with

Causes we give to


Passion projects

To truly see what we’re capable of, we need a place where we’re free to create things that we believe are of great value to the world. That place is G-Labs.