I believe communication is everything. I know, cliché right? But really, that’s all “direction” of any kind comes down to—whether you’re making a website or movie or working in a busy kitchen. My job is to listen to what a client wants and translate that into a clear, executable plan for the site design. What appeals to each of us visually is subjective, but as long as we’re communicating well, we’ll get to the desired result—every time.


10 Interesting Facts About Drew:

  1. He likes every food except yellow mustard.
  2. He lived in the middle of Brooklyn, in a van, for several months.
  3. Yes, he also lived in a van down by the river.
  4. Did he mention he shared said van with a cat and her litter of 5 kittens!
    (okay, we get it, moving on from the van…)
  5. He’s never had a tooth cavity, and is soooo proud of it.
  6. His last hair cut was in 2010 (okay maybe he’s had a trim or two).
  7. He can hit a tennis ball like 1000 feet, he says.
  8. He communicates telepathically with cats. And they talk back, of course.
  9. He’s never seen Titanic. Not that he’s avoiding it. Really he’s not.
  10. He carries library cards from at least a dozen different cities.