Ever since I was a little kid I always experimented, tearing down toys piece by piece and wanting to build different toys on my own from those parts. As the years went on, I wanted to have my own business so I started working online, creating websites, ranking them and selling them after. This is where I came across SEO which later turned into my passion. I love to analyze data, solve problems, compete with others and try to predict what will happen. I believe in hard work, loyalty and honesty but most importantly freedom and the team which is why I joined GLIDE.


10 Interesting Facts About Nebojša:

  1. At the age of 14 solved the Albert Einstein IQ test.
  2. Created my first start-up at the age of 17 and sold it.
  3. Had a best selling course on Udemy covering website flipping.
  4. Ex-Udemy instructor with more than 15,000 students enrolled.
  5. I love Netflix, SciFi, hacking and horror movies with snacks.
  6. I love growing plants and other decorative trees.
  7. Did karate in high school.
  8. Played tennis and football as a kid.
  9. I live with 5 crazy cats and a dog!
  10. My goal is to have a sustainable smart-home, clean energy, organic food and freedom.