interactive web design

A great website does the heavy lifting for you. It puts itself out there on the internet to be found. It’s approachable, friendly, and it dispenses with small talk. Let’s cut to the chase, it says, here’s what we do and this is why we do it better than anyone else. Questions?

Design & Development

The trick to web design is combining visual artistry with technical know-how—and throw in great communication on top. The goal at Glide is 100% customer satisfaction. We get there by setting realistic expectations and delivering everything on time and as promised—scratch that—better than promised.

Glide’s 7 stages of development:

  1. Game-plan (Let’s talk goals)
  2. Design (How do I look?)
  3. Build / Test / Build More (Usability is king)
  4. Populate (Add text, pictures, & flair)
  5. Launch (The big day’s here!)
  6. Promote (Got marketing?)
  7. Results (Count the conversions)

The sooner we begin….

Performance Testing

You want visitors to take that all-important next step. Okay, I’m here, now what? You tell us … What’s the one thing you want everyone who visits to your site to do?

Glide’s 5 keys to conversion:

  1. Establish clear goals
  2. Know your audience
  3. Be direct
  4. Make it easy, make it work
  5. Track everything

Every website we build is optimized around these principles, but they can also be applied to existing sites. What should your site do?

Website Visibility

Online marketing is anything that helps you show up online. A well-designed site with a clear message is a great start, but there’s plenty more you can do to boost awareness. We offer:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Adwords Management
  • Facebook & Twitter Advertising
  • Online Reputation Control

We want your new website to pay off by growing traffic and generating new business. Do you have a marketing strategy?

Updates & Maintenance

Websites can be needy. They want your constant attention and nurturing. Will you install my security update, my content needs changed, why is my email not going to the right place? We help with:

  • Custom WordPress installs
  • Network security monitoring
  • Domain maintenance
  • Hosting set-up

Anything else we can we take off your hands?

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