280 Group

Leaders in product management training

If you’ve been around for two decades in a highly competitive industry you’re doing a lot right. For 280 Group, they’ve built a successful product management training and consulting business on a core process that has proven to work for companies, individuals, and teams alike. However, as time goes by, a market leader’s website doesn’t always keep up with the business itself. But don’t fret, that’s what we’re here for.

The website has been performing great and we have been having record numbers with ecommerce and our conversion rates particularly for Private training leads have gone up considerably.

– Brian Lawley, 280 Group

We approached the redesign and development of the new 280 Group website by starting with user personas. This exercise helps you develop empathy for visitors, and beyond that, it can inform design decisions. In this case, we decided to address two audience types right at the top of the homepage: Individuals and Companies.

Sidenote: Audience types and personas are not the same thing, but that’s a conversation for a separate post…

Moving beyond the homepage, this project was challenging because of the sheer volume of pages and density of information on their site. We spent many hours on site architecture and created a toolkit of visual elements that would work for multiple layouts. That said, there are some layouts, like the Course Detail page, that require their own fully custom design.

(Drag or swipe left/right on the images below to see more layouts.)

Course Overview
Online Course Detail
In Person Courses

In total, the site has a clean, approachable feel made possible by strong organization. Never overlook the importance of information architecture in the design process. Build a site without blueprints, and expect visitors to get lost.

Post-launch Results

+37%Page Views+24%Avg. Visit Time+25%Pages per Visit
First 30 days / year over year