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Clorox Pool
What we did
Website for Growth
Digital Support

GLIDE was thrilled at the opportunity to redesign the website of a household brand bringing the convenience of digital apps to pool and spa care. GLIDE’s founder has even used tips from this client for his own family’s pool. It’s a welcome treat to support family and friends coming together to enjoy the water.rn

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What We Learned
A cohesive solution

Multiple third-party tools went into creating the complete Clorox Pool online experience. We integrated tools for product purchases, customer reviews, and video tutorials, taking extra care to create seamless transitions and interactions. We also streamlined the hunt for the right products with a clear content hierarchy, intuitive filters, breadcrumbs, and eye-catching drop-downs.

Keeping it current

With Gutenberg’s modular system, keeping the site up-to-date with fresh content is a breeze, ensuring pool and spa owners easily find the site, the Clorox Pool app, and their other products and resources. With every app download, product purchase, and video viewed, KPI’s reach new heights and, just as importantly, families get set for quality time around the pool.