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The future is here! How did we go from reading about touchscreen displays in science fiction stories to everyone having a device in their pocket that makes it possible to move furniture around the house that isn’t even there? The answer is companies like Vertebrae. Building a new website for someone doing groundbreaking work in augmented reality was an actual dream come true.

Man hanging photos on the white wall
Vertebrae - 2 Women Talking Inside of Glass Building

Just a taste

Our first challenge was coming up with something that would hook visitors and start to explain what Vertebrae does. Typically you have about two seconds to get a visitor’s attention before they scroll or bounce. Our idea was a simple ‘drag to scan’ mechanic that captures the essence of their product without trying to get too literal. An impression … that gets deeper as you go.

Vertebrae Headphones in Blue Background
Vertebrae Chair inside of Mobile Screen
Vertebrae Desktop Product View
Vertebrae Chair and Blue Background
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Vertebrae About Page
What We Learned
Oh Snap!

We obviously measure success in terms of metrics and data but sometimes a website is more about credibility and presenting your best self. In the case of Vertebrae, a fast-growing tech company, there’s always the opportunity for investment or outright acquisition. And sure enough, Vertebrae is the latest example of one of our clients completing a high profile acquisition during our engagement. You might be familiar with Snap Inc (makers of Snapchat). Congrats!

Vertebrae Mobile View
Vertebrae Mobile
Vertebrae Mobile View