5 WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Listings (IDX/MLS)

Travis McAshan Thursday, December 2nd, 20107-wordpress-plugins-real-estate-listings-idxmls

Uncovering What Are the Best IDX Programs for WordPress that Every Real Estate Agent and Broker Should Know About

WordPress is a powerful CMS that can benefit Real Estate Brokers and Agents. It provides an easy way to create localized content that helps you promote your property listings.

However, up until now, there hasn’t been an easy, affordable way to add searchable listings to your WordPress blog. Previous, to the evolution to WordPress plugins, your options were to purchase an expensive Internet Data Exchange (IDX) solution, manually enter your property listings into your blog manually by hand, or place an i-framed widget inside your blog. All in all, here is a simple review of the various sites I have located through searching or have had personal experience with in the past.

Quick Review and List of WordPress MLS Plugins

Diverse Solutions Plugin (http://www.diversesolutions.com)

Using our state-of-the-art dsSearchAgent MLS IDX solution, visitors on your website can search for and view properties like never before. In the administration area, real estate professionals can then track those users across searches they made and properties they visited to find out what they really want. My Thoughts: This company has been around for a while and they have some good products. I think you would learn quite a bit by giving them a call. Also, it’s the MLS / IDX solution we add www.jhresidential.com. Need help with your website MLS integration, then contact us or give us a call.

Real Estate Web Masters (http://www.realestatewebmasters.com)

Your real estate website belongs with a professional, expert firm. We build complete web properties so agents can focus on working leads (lots of them). My Thoughts: I’ve kept track of them for quite a while now. These guys are the real deal and their custom solutions are great but expensive.

IDX Press (http://www.dsidxpress.com)

A plug-in for WordPress that gives IDX functionality to your website, allows your users to search for and browse available properties in your MLS, and lets the search engines index properties from the MLS on your website. My Thoughts: It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to use for a WordPress marketing site we would provide for you.

Ultimate IDX (http://www.ultimateidx.com)

The UltimateIDX™ was designed by REALTORS® for REALTORS® utilizing the most up-to-date technologies available. The UltimateIDX™ provides the most comprehensive custom IDX/RETS solutions available without gouging our Clients on price. We do not charge Clients for features that are standard and unlike our competition when a new feature is added to our system we share it at no charge with all UltimateIDX™ Clients. My Thoughts: Definitely looks professional and capable. Not sure about multiple IDX listings on the same site.

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  1. Walter Meiste says:

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  2. This was a solid attempt and overall a good resource. However there were a few things I found issue with.

    1. You missed IDX Broker which has a lot of customization and a great wordpress plugin.

    2. Agent Storm Beta is shut down for individual users and only offering license to developers of real estate websites.

    3. After extensive investigation of these sites, WP realty is by far one of the sketchiest SEO/Marketing services I’ve ever run across in the RE biz, just peruse thier half finished blog. They even retracted their offering in the plugin section of the the WordPress.org site! I wouldn’t go near their service if you paid me.

  3. Jonathan says:

    If you ever do an article on Joomla you should take a look at iProperty from The Thinkery. Great product.

    As per the WPRealty reply, I’m surprised Benjamin still running around the web giving these guys such a hard time. For what its worth, I use it on a colorado client site and it ranks in the top #10 for listings. Is that good?

  4. Chad,

    I agree that Ben’s words are fairly jaded. And I appreciate you taking the time to post a quick post on the site. I find that companies willing to stand behind their products are few and far between. Keep up the good work.

  5. Jonathan,

    We currently have a phobia of joomla and drupal only because it drastically escalates the amounts of plugins, problems, interface questions we would have to support. We sort of chosen to be WordPress ninjas (well training to get there) but I do understand the power of both Joomla and Drupal over the “faux CMS” features of a blog publishing platform like WordPress.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Travis I fully agree, I think Joomla is ideal for situations where you need Joomla power. To me, its overkill in a lot of areas.

    BTW I looked at your portfolio, very nice work!

  7. Jim Crawford says:

    You also missed http://www.listingware.com It is an great product, and can even be used as an IDX plug in for WordPress or Blog.

  8. Scott J says:

    Real Shout looked like a great Free option except Google discontinued access to the API and this plugin is no longer available. I guess the MLS Mob delivered them a Google Bomb. 🙂

  9. Graham says:

    I had a bad experience with WP Realty. Not because I didn’t try hard to get the new ver 3 working, but because Chad Broussard makes promises. Call me if you want an honest opinion about the plugin 239-404-4221 and I will suggest a free alternative

  10. Gene K says:

    Agree completely with Benjamin Shoemaker’s comment.

  11. ymk03 says:

    Graham, I totally agreed with you. I wished I read your comment before. I also had a very bad experience with WPRealty.org. You paid and will not get refund even thought they sent you a non functional software. You want to read my lesson learnt with WPRealty (Chad Broussard) with evidence. Please go http://wprealtyscam.wordpress.com/

  12. It’s been removed. Thanks for the heads up on that change.

  13. Justin says:

    I am a WordPress developer looking for a RETS/IDX plug-in for WordPress. I was initially looking at WP Realty but now I am very discouraged by these comments.

    Currently, most of the RETS solutions I have seen are only in BETA/Development. For IDX there are a lot of solutions, however, they are priced the same amount I would charge my clients.

    I tried the free VieleRets but the pictures failed to match the listings and I am not a fan of Open Realty.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  14. Justin, just a note but I had a lengthy discussion with the owner and developer of WP Realty. He seems like a reasonable person to me and I would suggest contacting him directly to receive a demo of the product and make up your own mind about the product before reading too thoroughly into other peoples comments. That’s just my two cents.

  15. Jonathan says:

    I started using WPRealty 3 just recently and I don’t quite see what the negative hype is about. I read posts about this product and was cautious, so I got to use a demo version that Chad provided and although I had a monumental time figuring out the steps to getting it into my blog Its still quite flexible. I guess map search is a feature which I’ve been told is forthcoming. They do state that it is currently for developers and not novice users so maybe that is why there is some confusion.

  16. I use Galtlinedesign and Joomla. I love the system ! Gets tons of leads and the back end is ridiculous.

  17. Gotta snag a plug. grabbed a sick domain.

  18. Karen Waterton says:

    I have being researching many IDX providers which would integrate into my WordPress site. I Have looked into a company called http://www.ClickSold.com and information on them?

  19. James Lapau says:

    I do webhosting for real estate clients and I purchased WPR and had a very very difficult time getting it to work with our clients needs. The RETS tool is nice but not perfect and although Chad was very slow answering my tickets I did none the less get two sites published for the GLVAR and MFRMLS markets. I’m happy with WPR thus far.

    There is no lying when someone says its a challenging product but the cost is low and the license is unlimited. It would have cost me $thousands of dollars to build what i needed so I’m good with WPR. I do however also suggest IDXBroker Platinum which I’ve been working with recently in the PA market for a pair of my Realtor clients. I built an app to work better than DUDAMOBILE with IDXBroker since I could not get that thing to work. It just killed about 50 hours.

  20. Sorry to be chiming in late as I just found this site. Yes the UltimateIDX handles listings from multiple MLS Boards as well as automatically distributing leads to multiple Agents AND our system also works with WordPress Multisite (formally MU) websites.

    Clients can also run multiple websites from a single backend and/or sub-domains using WordPress Multisite in a single backend.

    Thanks again for the mention!

  21. Christine says:

    Any suggestions for a site offering a number of vacation rentals? The parameters describing properties are obviously different than for real estate sales? And what about themes? Any suggestions?

  22. Wp Realty is, exactly as Benjamin said, VERY sketchy. After purchasing their theme and plugin in September 2011 and working directly with one of the developers (Jared Ritchie – at a HUGE additional fee of $300 for private consulting), the plugin NEVER worked properly, did not assign specific properties to individual agents, quick search sidebar did not function correctly, and a host of other bugs in a PAID module of this theme and plugin. The entire product is generally just worthless and is anything BUT plug and play. The support videos were not finished in 2011 and still are not completed and available at this time, and their promises of support are simply a lie. As a purchaser of this product, I would strongly recommend against using WP Realty for any broker/company/agent who sincerely wants a functional website and certainly not for anyone who isn’t willing to search line after line of code and re-write the plugin AND the theme.

  23. twitter_mattmedeiros says:

    Seems like diverse solutions and IDXPress are the same company?

  24. I had a REW site for a few years, and it was a good but expensive lesson on what an integrated IDX could be. Having a programming background before getting into real estate, I wanted a more flexible and inexpensive solution on an open source platform, and also needs a good and integrated back-end CRM. After months of research on what was available at the time (mid-2009), I finally went with UltimateIDX installed on Joomla. My average monthly lead counts immediately jumped by 50%. In Dec 2011 I converted the site to WordPress, with no mods required to the UltimateIDX setups since it is not really a plugin and runs independently of your CMS platform. You can, and some do, run it on a pure html or Drupal platform. Converting to WP allowed me to write several custom plugins to auto-generate SEO friendly page content and lots of internal links to integrated idx search results from each page, resulting in lots more content for the SEs to see and index.

    But the real SEO and lead generating power of any integrated IDX/RETS solution cannot be realized just by selecting and installing a good product. You still have to spend lots of time (and/or money) to develop rich, original content for the website. For me this has meant 500+ “real” WP pages, over 400 of which have at least some integrated IDX content. Those pages generate over 60,000 additional pages of “virtual/dynamic” IDX content indexed by Google for my site, #1 and page 1 SERPs for lots of keywords, and average monthly lead counts I never dreamed of before!

    If there is a negative to this product, it is only that the basic implementation is just that – pretty basic. The ability to make it a really advanced solution is there. But it takes additional creativity and time, and/or some talented consulting work and programming, to build a really powerful lead generating site. But I think that’s also true for all the other products mentioned.