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GLIDE has released a FREE Highrise Add-On for Gravity Forms for Wordpress. This add-on plays nicely with the default installation of Gravity Forms and functions in the same ways ...
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Travis McAshan
Published May 2010
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In a Nutshell…

GLIDE has released a FREE Highrise Add-On for Gravity Forms for WordPress. This add-on plays nicely with the default installation of Gravity Forms and functions in the same ways as their previously released add-ons for Freshbooks and Campaign Monitor.

Gravity Forms + Highrise = Happy Sales Team

I have been using the developers license of Gravity Forms on my websites for the last 6 months and I must admit it’s fantastic. In addition, I have been using it for my own website. However, I also happen to be an avid user of all things 37 Signals. We use their intranet product, Backpack, their CRM, Highrise, and of course Basecamp for project management. The one drawback was having to manually enter all the lead conversions from Gravity Forms into Highrise.

Taking the bull by the horns…

After contacting the wonderful folks from Gravity Forms they kindly noted they weren’t planning any involvement with Highrise in the foreseeable future. That’s when I decided to hire a local developer and friend, Nathan Biles, to help me create a workable solution. I also decided that although I paid for the development of this plug-in out of my own pocket I wanted to share the love with everyone. I hope it solves the missing link from Gravity Forms to Highrise for you like it did for me.

Get It Now:

Update (July 27, 2010):

We took things to another level and created a strong validation to make sure that every part of the plugin is validated in backend before beginning. While testing Highrise URL and API Token we’re actually testing functions. By doing this we noticed the importance of having the right protocol and having no trailing slashes. The new version of the plugin includes new validations. We have also tested it over and over and over and everything seems to be running at a good speed. The highest amount of time on click of form submission has been 8 seconds at the maximum. If speed is still an issue please let us know and we’ll continue to investigate. After researching more with Highrise API we have learned that the only people complaining about speed are those using PHP and curl library for PHP.

Update (April 19, 2011):

I recently had a client that wanted to use a fairly complex form with quite a few fields and also file upload functionality. In order to get the data from Gravity Forms into Highrise, I once again had to employ a freelance coder to make the necessary changes. After way too much testing we ironed out most of the issues and now offer an updated version of the plugin. It may or may not work for you. Since it’s a labor of love for myself and my customers and I’m not exactly a coder if you’re having problems with using it you’re a bit on your own unfortunately. However, if there is a major problem with the plugin and you can document exactly what’s breaking things I’d be more than willing to try to get it fixed or you could always take what we’ve done and fix it yourself.

Update (April 25, 2011):

Just a note that while testing the plugin I noticed it mysteriously stopped working. I spent nearly 3 hours testing every possible configuration. It turns out that my account at Highrise had been maxed out for contacts. When adding a new contact on the Highrise system acknowledged this, the plugin sending the information through the API did not. I just say things appear to work normally on the plugin but NO DATA in Highrise. Lesson learned… make sure you have enough contacts remaining on your account.

Update (June 13, 2011)

GREAT NEWS!!! Zack Katz of Katz Web Services, Inc. has offered to take over the development and support of the gravity forms addon for highrise. The plugin has been approved and added to WordPress (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/gravity-forms-highrise/) and he is willing to assist on support requests. This is great news and I’m thankful someone is willing to help with this little endeavor!

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