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What we do

Brand Positioning

Tell your target audience where you fit in. Are you the most valuable choice, highest quality, or best overall solution? We start with intense industry research and get to a positioning statement that is most compelling to your core market.

Logo Design

Is there a tougher design challenge than boiling an entire company down into a single, memorable graphic? We don’t think so! Luckily, after years of experience and teamwork, we have come up with a collaborative, iterative approach that results in iconic logos for our clients.

Corporate Identity

Every company is a collection of individuals with a shared mission. To define a company’s identity, we get to know the core values, personalities, and goals that guide your decision making process. A strong understanding of self underlines all great work.

Brand Standards Guidelines

Users like consistency. By defining the visual and stylistic tone of your brand, we make life easier for employees and the experience better for customers. Being able to reference something as simple as a web style guide can make your life so much easier.

GLIDE continues to be a vital component to our design team and has been a key contributor for us getting to market quickly … we’re satisfied throughout the project life cycle, from the proposal process to the delivery of the final product.

David Vogelphol, VP of Web Strategy at WP Engine
David Vogelpohl, VP of Web StrategyWP Engine, Austin, TX