Competitive MBA program for spirited entrepreneurs

Acton defines business success as living a life of meaning. At GLIDE, we subscribe to the same attitude when it comes to what we do. On the creative end, they asked for a website that felt modern, while also calling back to the Socratic principles upon which their curriculum is built. We eagerly accepted.

Whitespace, large typography, high contrast between black and white, subtle blocks of color to break up the page. Those were the basic pillars of our design. The look is modern, yet timeless in its simplicity. To capture the lively spirit of debate in the classroom they cultivate, we wove in candid photos of real students on campus.


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The Results section of the site highlights videos testimonials and quotes from Acton alumni. Their stories make it clear that the lessons they were taught not only made them better entrepreneurs, but better citizens as well.

As far as the goal of the site goes, they gave us a clear directive: like Socrates, all they wanted was for visitors to start up a dialogue. There’s no complicated application on the site, only a four-line form that materializes after you click “Let’s Talk”.