Ancient Minerals

Purveyor of pure magnesium supplements

What We Did:

Ancient minerals is a leading retailer of magnesium supplements, but that’s not the first thing they wanted people to take away from their new website. Because they’re also one of the leading resources of magnesium information anywhere. That tension between generating sales while also highlighting the troves of great content they’ve created over the years made for an interesting design challenge.

After much collaboration with the client, the paradigm we landed on was more like that of a modern news site than a shopping platform. When you arrive on the homepage, you find an engaging grid of articles, with only two product images and one buy button.

This ratio of roughly 80% information to 20% products is maintained until the very last section of the page. At that point, if a visitor has yet to click an article, they may be primed for the ‘View All Products’ call to action.

Other noteworthy design elements include the use of their signature brand pattern throughout the site, custom iconography, and fun hover effects. The interior of the site is necessarily minimal, with an emphasis on information over eye-catching visuals.

Once those requirements were met, we did want to make sure anyone who was looking to purchase their products wouldn’t have to look too hard. A ‘Buy Now’ button lives in the fixed header, meaning the shopping experience is never more than one click away.

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Post-launch Results

+21%Pages per Session+43%Avg. Session Duration-29%Bounce Rate
Last 30 days / year over year

Are you magnesium deficient?

The average magnesium intake has dwindled to less than half what it was a century ago. Visit the Ancient Minerals website for more information.