Technology to help people suffering from hearing loss

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We stay on the cutting edge by working with clients that do revolutionary work in their field. iotaMotion has created a robotic-assisted platform to make cochlear implants viable for more of the 6+ million people that suffer from severe hearing loss. Their system improves precision and reduces variability in this surgical procedure. As usual, It was up to us to help introduce this exciting new tech to the world in the form of a website.

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iotaMotion Page Design
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Feel the pulse

Fortunately, the trend of websites using autoplay sound went the way of Myspace. Instead, to convey a sense of vibrancy and pulsation, we added a visual ripple behind the main hero image. Subtle movement combined with their vibrant brand yellow makes for a strong first impression.

iotaMotion full desktop view
iotaMotion Desktop View
Demonstrate value

The first thing a website needs to do is demonstrate how a product or service or idea solves an existing problem. In this case, we go out of our way to state the facts (6.3 million people suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss), followed by metrics that back up how iotaMotion will make this challenging procedure more viable for more people (i.e. 78% reduction in insertion force variation).

iotaMotion Mobile View
iotaMotion Mobile View
iotaMotion Mobile View
What we learned
Find your audience

We tailored the primary site navigation around the three core audiences our client wanted to address. By calling out Surgeons, Patients, and Hospitals, we’re able to immediately funnel visitors to the content that’s most relevant to them. Relevancy = conversion.