Klean Corp

Global industrial cleaning company with family values

What We Did:

We knew right away we were going to enjoy working with klean corp because they’ve always put quality of work and company values ahead of growth. And sure enough, as we’ve seen ourselves, growth and positive culture go hand-in-hand.

Therefore, capturing the spirit of how they work was always going to be at the forefront of the project. We used personal imagery and messaging to reinforced the camaraderie that’s gotten them to where they are today.

Keeping with the human theme, the design for the team profile page is interactive in a way that grabs visitors and entices them to spend more time looking at bios then they might otherwise.

(Drag or swipe left/right on the images below to see more layouts.)

Service Detail
Style Guide

Finally, on geeky level, we were quite excited about a novel effect we used for the homepage navigation. The nav items start in a circle, then slide up into place as you scroll. As in life, sometimes it’s the little things make all the difference.