Rehme Steel

American-made steel windows and doors

We consider ourselves craftsmen in the digital world, but man do we appreciate the work of craftsmen and creators of real world physical things. Right from the start of this project, we were inspired by listening to the founder of Rehme Steel talk passionately about how their gorgeous, handcrafted windows and doors are made.

We also knew we were set up for success because, at a minimum, all we had to do was design a framework for showing off the beautiful product photos and videos we had at our disposal. That said, the challenge of creating a clean design that still feels like a cohesive, branded experience is not one we take lightly.

Early on, we found that navy blue and soft beige set off the lush photography more than plain white. When you get to the gallery page (so many beautiful pictures!), we double-down on this approach by using the blue for the whole page body. The result is something quite elegant.

(Drag or swipe left/right on the images below to see more layouts.)

Technical Resources
Default Layout

Hold on … I’m getting word that I forget to mention the development side of things again. Our amazing dev team was able to breathe life into our static designs through refined page-build animations and other unique features, such as an auto-play video montage in the body of the homepage (opposed to the hero, where you commonly see it). On the more complex side of things, our star developers also built a dealer search function by zip code.

All in all, we’re proud we were able to match the level of quality Rehme expects of themselves, and we can’t wait to see how this new digital presentation of an already stellar line of products raises their profile.

Post-launch Results

+14%Website Visitors+13%Pages Per Visit-18%Bounce Rate
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