Link Architecture

Thoughtful architects who build brand into space

Architectural websites, like modern buildings, are often minimal by design. Great portfolio imagery does the heavy lifting, but the underlying details make the experience memorable. Link Architecture came to us with the same goal they have in mind for their work: create something that comes organically from a brand.

This design ethos is close to our own, so we were eager to dive in. The new homepage opens with a loading effect that underscores what comes next: a striking image of their work. For the second half of the page, we visualize their design philosophy with a custom animation. Once spelled out, the name “Link” literally bridges the gap between brand and space.

The portfolio of the site is straightforward but methodically constructed. Key project details are highlighted in fact boxes, while all photos are expandable and easy to browse. There’s no fluff anywhere to be found, as everything you see serves a purpose.

To maximize conversion, we start the footer with a rotating band of high profile client logos, lending credibility to the whole site. Finally, key contact info arrives at the time when visitors are most likely to use it. Connection complete.

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