Shelton Architecture

Durable architecture for homes, businesses, and public spaces

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What we did
Website for Growth
Digital Support

Have we said how much we love working with architects? It’s true, for two main reasons. One, they have great visual assets (i.e. photos) for us to work with. Two, and this was especially the case with Shelton, they appreciate how a well thought out design philosophy informs every step of the process.

An architecture site is visual, it’s a digital portfolio. The design elements are there to complement the work, that’s it. Our concept for Shelton was to use whitespace to frame the high quality photos that best display what they do and what they’re about.

What We Learned
Start with the end in mind

A crucial piece of every project is conversion, generating new business for clients. In this design, we have a fixed footer with contact info that stays in view wherever you’re at on the site. Furthermore, the contact form is direct and to the point. Eliminate extraneous hoops and more visitors take the next step. It’s that simple.