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If we were allowed to say we had favorite clients, Simon and Kevin of Mandt would certainly be in contention for the top spot. Flattery aside, though, we are proud to have gotten multiple chances to work with them and help further their mission of reducing workplace violence. Regarding this project, Mandt enlisted GLIDE to modernize their website and improve the visitor journey from start to signing up for training.

Post Launch Results
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I have worked with GLIDE on several sites because they simply are the best. This is a very thoughtful team that covers everything from best practices, cutting edge trends, and amazing design.
Kevin Mandt
President, The Mandt System
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What We Learned
A simplified journey

One of the keys to conversion is simplifying and guiding the experience. If you give somebody too many options, they have trouble making a decision (the paradox of choice). Our goal is always to break the decision making process into bite-sized chunks. For the Mandt site, we offer two options up front (in-person or e-learning), then drill down one more layer and that’s it.

A dash of delight

Since site launch, we are constantly thrilled to hear about the enthusiastic response they’ve gotten from visitors. Success can (and must) be measured in terms of concrete goals, but the GLIDE team is only satisfied when a site performs well AND produces that intangible feeling we call delight. What a joyful collaboration!