Regiment Logistics 

The logistics team that treats you like family

Getting on a business call with the team at Regiment Logistics is like having a conversation with old friends. That’s just one of the reasons we were happy to take on the site redesign for this family-run logistics company, whose commitments to cutting edge technology and stellar customer service echo our commitments here at GLIDE.

Take a Load Off

We wanted visitors to the new site to see right away that this team is about action and efficiency. The headline “Shipment simplified” over a video of trucks carrying freight into the sunset (adapted into a still image for mobile, of course) suggests that this team will get your goods where they need to go. We added some fun with a progressive dotted line that guides visitors through the company’s offerings while hearkening back to the highways connecting points A and B. Finally, the use of Regiment gold throughout the site infuses it with warmth while evoking strength and flexibility, which perfectly represents this friendly family team who knows how to get things done.

A Path for Every Traveler

To account for the various types of visitors that would arrive on the new site, we created clear, intuitive pathways to help each individual reach their destination. A two-part location selector prompts newcomers to get started on a quote request right away, while existing customers can track their shipments from a nearby link. Dual CTAs let carriers know that they’re just as important to successful logistics as shippers are, and jump links with branded icons let visitors of all kinds quickly find the information they need.

Until We Meet Again

No one makes us laugh like the Regiment team does, so the wrap of this project was bittersweet. However, with their unending search for the best softwares to support their shippers and carriers, there’s always the chance of a reunion to strategize on how to best showcase their latest operations updates. And we would always welcome the opportunity to practice some continual improvement on a company made up of such great people.

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