5 Ways to Be Specific in Advertising

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The best way to convince someone of anything is to be specific. If you make a claim on a product or service for your business potential customers want proof. Make sure you get ...
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Travis McAshan
Published Jul 2010
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In a nutshell, all advertising is making a claim and backing it with proof. Make sure your proof is specific and believable and you will convince your audience …

Use hard numbers.

Putting hard numbers on your statements lends an aura of objective scientific fact to your arguments. “Save $50″ beats “Save Money.” In addition, the more precise the number – saying “51.7%” rather than “more than 50%” – the more credible your statistic.

Use testimonials and stories.

People believe people who are like themselves. In this case, that refers to other prospects who became customers. Direct quotes from your customers that illustrate real-world success go a long way toward establishing trust.

Use reasons why.

You want to distinguish your claims from those made by your competitors. Give your reader reasons why your product and service can really deliver on your promises. Unique features, experience, research, and special strategies can be among the reasons why your offer deserves immediate attention.

Use relevant statistics.

One way to proof specifics in your industry and to express your expertise is through statistics that you have created or gathered. The great benefit of statistics is the amount of information they convey. Always back them with reputable sources and you’ll be educating your prospects into paying customers.

Use numbered lists of information.

People appreciate numbered lists of information because they do two important things. They tell the user exactly what to expect from the content, for example “5 Essential Tips on Selecting a Landscaper”. Secondly, they typically filter large amounts of information, giving the reader the most essential nuggets to scan, pick, and eventually read.

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