Glide’s Favorite Websites of 2021 (so far)

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Travis McAshan
Published May 2021
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Beautiful designs are at the heart of what drives our team. We believe that a seemingly effortless bond between great user experience and exceptional aesthetics can enhance any brand’s web presence. At the beginning of every project, our design team starts with an inspiration phase where we pull together websites that fire up our imagination. We use these examples to inspire ideas for that project. The first half of 2021 has provided our team with some bombshell web designs that helped drive our creativity and passion for each project. Here are a few of our favorites:


I love how quick and responsive the site is, especially considering all it has going on—3D assets, mouse-tracking, and scroll effects to say the least. At the same time, nothing feels superfluous—everything comes together to tell a story through beautiful design. Aaand I especially like the button click sound effect for the CTA buttons.

– Jakub, UI Designer


Bottle Rocket Hot Sauce Co.

This site is super compact with some delightful elements—when you add a sauce to your cart, it shakes gently like a rocket about to launch, and then takes off when you go to check out. Any content they’re putting out has been relegated to their clearly-displayed social accounts, so the site focuses on one thing—buying sauce.

– Ajia Wallace, UX Researcher

Studio Sentempo

This site has a lot to love: a nice selection of big, bold typography; smooth scroll effects; full-screen images that change with parallax; and small, cool interactions like the effect when you hover over nav content.

– Marcin DMoch, Designer


I really like the simplicity of Kickpush. Its use of only two colors makes it simple and bold, which lets its understated interactions shine (like the fixed-screen at the end of projects, revealing the next project like a curtain being drawn). It’s unlike anything else I’ve seen, and that made me take notice.

– Gretchen Bice, Designer


This site is so fun. Their use of bright, bold colors make for a really strong brand identity, and the shopping experience is so easy—it’s as smooth as your legs will be after snagging some of their products.

– Kimberly Yount, Project Manager

Spotify Jobs

Spotify incorporates individual job listings as a dynamic part of the design. Bold headers and lots of white space make the content easy to digest, and the application of scroll effects to their list of locations show off their global reach. I’m sure this site has seduced many talented designers.

– Ajia Wallace, UX Researcher


This is SaaS simplicity done right. The grid is tight. Great contrast focuses the visitor’s attention where you want it to be. Throw in a fun light mode/dark mode toggle for good measure and you’ve got yourself a marketing site fit for the finest SaaS product.

– Drew Lyon, Creative Director

Figma’s FigJam

I already love Figma, so sharing this playful site that showcases their latest product was a no-brainer. I like that you can draw directly on the site (in the hero) and that their use of animation shows the product in action. From the background elements to the branded cursor, this site immerses you in Figma’s new whiteboard platform.

– Marian Brchan, Co-Founder & Lead Designer


This is a site for a product that I use every day. I love how they animate the bear in cute and creative ways (like when he covers his eyes when you type in your password). Plus, it’s just a great VPN product that helps keep my information safe.

– Paola Cardenas, People & Culture Advocate

Hello Monday

This is a really cool site with really cool animations. On top of this fun hero, their menu slides in with some truly satisfying easing. As you scroll, you’ll find that staggered sort of parallax that’s so en vogue right now and some fun, branded hover effects.

– Reena Bhagat, Project Manager

There you have it! All of the Glide Design team’s favorite websites of 2021 (so far). If you are looking for help on your next web design project, reach out to us at our Contact Page. You can always email our team at with questions or to just say hi!

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