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Paola Cardenas
Published May 2019
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This week the GLIDE team went on a two day company retreat in Austin, Texas. A generous client helped to fund this event because they were so pleased with the work our team delivered. So we celebrated as a team and many of us met in person for the very first time!

Some of our time was set aside for GLIDE strategy and company updates, but much more of it was used for team bonding and just plain fun!

During our days together we shared time at these Austin hot spots:

  • The Oasis – This was the very first meeting for some of us and we were able to get to know each other over a delicious dinner and a beautiful sunset…a view only The Oasis can provide!
  • Ego’s – A night on the town has to include karaoke! (We are omitting any videos of this to spare you from the pitchy notes and lame dance moves.)
  • Relay Co-Working – Time for business, bonding, unlimited Waterloo and group testing of our very own Coriosity.
  • Torchy’s Tacos (One of our clients and proud of it!) – We were able to grub on our favorite tacos and queso for a team lunch to gain fuel for our afternoon activity.
  • Project Panic – Teamwork, problem solving and thinking outside of the box…some of GLIDE’s favorite things!

It is easy for a remote team to fall into the mundane routine of daily schedules, meetings and phone calls. However, when you take time to focus on your team and build deeper relationships, away from the daily work, it sparks a sense of gratitude for each other, inspiration for fresh ideas and motivation to be better everyday. Company events can sometimes seem like an expense or an extravagance, but an investment in your company’s health is a necessity and your team will become stronger and more unified.

Additional benefits of investing in your team outside of the office:

  • Improves communication
  • Increases productivity
  • Uncover new skills
  • Discover hidden leadership qualities
  • Builds trust
  • Makes your employees feel valued
  • Reinforces your culture and core values

Each activity we did together, big or small, gave us the time to simply be present with one another. We spend a lot of time together over chat and video calls but this retreat was a different kind of experience. It was surreal to be able to shake hands, high-five and even give hugs to the people we work with every day. We took full advantage of this opportunity and it will not be soon forgotten!

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