Techline Sports Lighting

With Techline, we had the pleasure of showcasing a service-driven team, their expansive portfolio of sport and field lighting projects, and the well-won expertise that goes into each project. It also gives us a bit of local pride to work with an Austin-based company that’s lighting community gatherings across the country.

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What we did
Outstanding in their field

Techline came to us with a rich collection of drone footage featuring crisply-lit green fields, stadiums, and flickering light shows. We wanted to immerse site visitors in this experience, so we built a full-screen video hero featuring a supercut of project highlights. If visitors still have questions about what Techline does, a subtle micro animation points them in the right direction.

Post Launch Results
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A home run

Since launching the site, we’ve seen improvements to KPIs across the board, including sessions, session duration, and bounce rate. Now that we’ve set up goals to track key conversions in Techline’s analytics, we’ll be able to see if we’re meeting our goals or if we need to make some upgrades. Whatever the case, we know this team will continue to knock it out of the park.