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We knew this would be a special project as soon as CGS Group started using words like “mystery” and “occult” to describe their future brand. First, they handed over a folder of abstract imagery that evoked the darkness and chaos below the surface of a seemingly calm world. Horned beasts, hellfire, geometric symbols, things like that.

The client shared a tagline they’d been kicking around: “We find Order from Chaos,” it read. From there, we were off and running. They gave us the freedom create something that would help define their brand.

We wanted an obvious departure from the norm and they were thrilled to handle it.
Bobby West
Chief Operating Officer
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What We Learned
Brand attitude

When it came to designing the site, we stayed true to the brand ideas described above. Darkness, distortion, triangles, and hellfire. Dig a little deeper, though, and you find a natural order to things. As it should, the site experience evokes their personality without sacrificing functionality.

A company calling card

In the end, the site serves as a showcase for their expertly conceived products and a home for their powerful new brand. Visitors quickly learn what makes CGS products unique, before locating a nearby dealer. Speaking of, the site also serves as a tool to attract dealers to stock CGS goods. Every audience is addressed.