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Everyone wants a clean, minimal design but sometimes as a project stretches on it gets hard to maintain that purity. We loved working with the Cloudsnap team because they had a strong vision for what they wanted their website to be, and they never wavered.

In a world without photos…

It’s one thing to be able to say what a tech application does, in plain text, but coming up with easy to follow website visuals presents its own challenge. On one hand, not having to rely on stock photography was liberating—but on the other, we had to get creative.

The website opens with a simple animated graphic that shows multiple applications funneling through the Cloudsnap logo, coming out the other side, and connecting to a single application. Get it? Actually, it’s a lot easier if you just check it out.

Lightweight & fast

When you’re selling a technology solution, there’s an expectation that your marketing materials (including your website) will be somewhat consistent with the experience of using your app. It’s not always fair, but you can expect the quality of your product to be judged by the quality of your site. For Cloudsnap, a company with ‘snap’ in the name, we made it a priority to keep pages light and performance zippy.

Sign me up

In addition to conveying information and reflecting well on the brand, every website has one other big reason to exist: conversion. For Cloudsnap, a conversion is when someone requests a free trial or a demo.

To increase the likelihood of someone completing the form, we employed a simple tactic to create what we call ‘form inertia’. You ask for a small piece of info upfront, like an email address, then when they get to the form page that field is already filled in. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Great work by you all. Tons of positive feedback from employees, from partners, from investors. Thanks for everything.

– Matt Bradley, Cloudsnap

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